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Golf can throw any number of tricky situations our way, and few people know this more than Darren Clarke. The game demands a lot from our body and mind, and between amateurs and professionals, it’s not always easy to strike a balance. Darren Clarke CBD exists to provide science-backed CBD products to adult players at all levels.


The story of Darren Clarke CBD

There’s something about spending a life playing golf that makes you want to give something back to the game. Founding Darren Clarke CBD is another bookmark in Darren’s illustrious career, and it’s his knowledge of the game that pushes this brand ahead of its competitors. What’s more, as one of the most competitive players in golf history, it’s safe to say that Darren has settled for nothing less than the very best with his CBD products. 

Darren, a seasoned professional golfer, has partnered with cannabis wellness experts, Sana Lifestyle, to create a team with the key skills and experiences required within the saturated CBD market. Here at Darren Clarke CBD, we keep the promises we make and ensure that everything we do is informed by Darren’s experience of the game. From THC-free, lab-tested products to our excellent customer service, you’ll always get the very best from Darren Clarke CBD. 

Darren Clarke CBD oils are available to purchase from our site, as well as selected American Golf stores across the UK. To learn more, visit our FAQs page.


Cannabis consumer specialists

Sana Lifestyle are UK-leading cannabis specialists, renowned in the industry for their consumer expertise in wellness, dermatology, health and beauty. With Sana Lifestyle as a key partner for Darren Clarke CBD, it is our mission to deliver impactful CBD products to both amateur and professional golfers. The CBD market is a fast-growing category within health and wellness and, Sana Lifestyle leads the way. 

In collaboration with Sana Lifestyle, we’re able to combine our own specialisms with their industry-leading expertise to provide you with impactful and game-changing CBD products.   

From distribution challenges to support around regulation and compliance, our work with Sana Lifestyle has already proven what a vital partnership this is for the Darren Clarke CBD brand.


Harness the power of CBD

At the frontier of plant-based wellness, our range of CBD oils stand proudly as end products of extensive research and development. Lab-tested and extracted from pure CBD isolate, we are extremely proud of the Darren Clarke CBD range. Golf has always been deserving of our time and energy, but until now, we’ve never been able to harness that energy or utilise that time. 

If you’ve ever spent a frustrating half hour stuck in the rough, or perhaps psyched yourself out of what should have been an easy putt shot, our CBD oil can help. The following areas may be improved by our CBD products: concentration, reduced nerves and anxiety, pain relief and more. 

Our Precision Orange and Precision Forest Fruits flavours taste great and are set to be a permanent fixture in your golf bag.

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