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Explore a wide range of informative guides. Here we discuss all things golf and offer advice and information regarding CBD for Golf.


Which natural supplements improve golf performance?

Natural supplements for golf performance can be an excellent way to improve your game. We have a guide to the ideal pre-golf supplements here.

The best ways to recover after playing golf
Recovery is an important part of any golfing lifestyle. Read our blog for top tips on how to recover after playing golf, from stretches to alleviating soreness.
Which UK golf courses get the least amount of rain?
Looking to enjoy a round of golf without rain? Our handy guide reveals which golf courses around the UK get the least amount of rain. Find out more here.
How golf bag essentials have changed over time
Explore the difference in golf bag essentials today compared to the beginning of the game, including accessories and performance products. Read more here.
The physical challenges of golf

Here we discuss the most common golf injuries and golf injury prevention. You can also find out how our CBD oil for golfers could aid your recovery.

The role that emotions play in golf

Emotional stability in golf is crucial for keeping your head in the game and for improved performance. Read more about the role of emotions in golf, here.

The importance of posture in golf and how CBD could help

CBD, alongside other factors, could help you to adapt or improve your golf posture over time. Find out how to improve your golf posture with the help of CBD.

Trying CBD oil for the very first time: Top tips for golfers
Given some of the past ambivalence about CBD and its use within a sports context, you’d be forgiven for being a little hesitant about using it. So, we’ve compiled a list of top tips for golfers trying CBD for the first time.
What makes CBD good for golf?
Stress response is a vital component of all sports. From golf to go-karting, how well you respond in the face of adversity will often mean the difference between lifting a trophy and settling for second. This applies to both professional and amateur sports people across all kinds of competitive sport. 
Do professional golfers use CBD oil?

An increasing number of golf professionals have come out in support of CBD, advocating that it helps improve their performance in all kinds of ways. As with most modern sports, and in today’s influencer-centric market, having high-profile players become advocates for a particular product or brand is not something to be underestimated.