Our guide to winter golf

Even if the weather isn't as pleasant, there's no reason you can't continue to play golf during the winter months and have just as much enjoyment. When the temperatures begin to fall, these winter golf tips will help you adapt and succeed on the golf course.

Keep playing

It may seem obvious, but maintaining momentum is essential at this time of year. Everything else aside, you're more likely to enhance your skill by putting yourself to the test when the going gets tough.

When you're braving the winter weather, you'll learn to perfect a variety of shots, whether it's a low hit into the January wind or a runner that scurries across a freezing fairway to reach a frosty winter green. When the weather warms up again in time for the new season, you'll be glad you took these shots.

Invest in high quality outerwear

Golf apparel has come a long way in terms of technology, and outerwear is now considerably lighter, more breathable, and comfortable than it was previously.

It's also stretchier and thinner, making it a lot more comfortable to play golf in. When it comes to outerwear and waterproofs, you get what you pay for, and good garments last a long time, so it's worth spending some money on the best golf waterproofs that will show to be well worth the investment.

Change golf balls

Most of us have a favourite ball brand, but it's worth thinking about adjusting that selection for winter circumstances.

When the fairways and greens are soft, you'll probably benefit from a firmer distance golf ball that flies longer. Because of the softer and colder conditions, you can tolerate a modest reduction in softness, feel, and spin on the greens.

Practise your short game

It's tempting to overlook your short game during the winter, but you should devote at least the same level of time to it for two reasons. For starters, courses are getting longer and more difficult, so you'll definitely need it more frequently.

Second, you'll be hitting a variety of short game shots from various lies, with the ball reacting differently on wetter and softer greens. To make it more realistic, change the lie as you practise and use the same model of ball you'll be using on the course.

Have the correct equipment

Winter golf is unpredictable, so having equipment that can handle a variety of weather conditions — from wind and rain to frost – is crucial. Take a look at the equipment you'll need this season to make your time on the course more rewarding:

  • Purchase some winter wheels. They will pick up less mud, making them easier to manoeuvre and causing less ground damage. If you can, avoid using a golf buggy and instead carry your bag. The course will appreciate it, and you will be much warmer as a result.
  • Thermal gloves - keeping your hands warm is essential in winter! Your hands are arguably the most important component to your golf swing, so being able to keep them toasty is key over the colder months
  • Bring an umbrella. Whether it's rain, sleet or snow, a good-sized umbrella will keep you dry and protect your bag while you're taking a shot.

Where can I play golf in the winter?

In the chilly winter months, we're all guilty of making excuses for not venturing outside. If you're going to a covered (and occasionally heated) driving range, it'll be a lot easier.

Visit the driving range as often as possible and establish a practise routine. Choose a target, such as a flag or another object, and work your way through the clubs, hitting various shots.

Most golf clubs should be open over the winter, bar during the festive period - check with your local club for their winter opening times.

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