What happens at a golf club fitting?

If you're looking to improve your golf game before the upcoming season, then alongside supplements and CBD oils, a golf club fitting is a great place to start.

Golf club fitting is the process of examining your golf swing and making club recommendations to suit you. The fitting will take into account your goals, body type, physical abilities, as well as your golfing abilities. The goal is to find out what setup will provide you with better results.

So whether you've booked a fitting already, or are simply considering it, we've put together a handy guide on what exactly is involved in a golf club fitting, as well as some other FAQ's to give you peace of mind before your visit.

What is involved in a golf club fitting?

Let's start by explaining the golf club fitting process. Usually, a full golf club fitting session will last up to three hours, or longer if you book a follow-up session.

To start, you'll be set up on a launch monitor which shows the ball flight and speed of each shot hit. A professional fitter will then assess your swing by watching it on video. They'll take measurements from your clubs to determine how much bend you have in your swing, how you move, as well as how you grip your club, by using high-tech equipment.

Once all the data has been gathered, it's time to head back to your fitting bay. The fitter will then look at how different golf club heads affect ball flight, as well as how shafts influence distance. Finally, your fitter will show you the recommended clubs, the costs and discuss any additional services they can offer you.

Is it worth getting fitted for golf clubs?

Absolutely. If there's a chance you could improve your game for less, or even free, it's wise to evaluate whether a professional fitting has the potential to be worth the money.

Think about it; if you're playing with non-fitted golf clubs that are either too long or too short, you're going to struggle to improve as the equipment will hinder your game massively. By having perfectly customised clubs to suit your height and swing style, you have a greater chance of being able to play to the best of your ability.

A golf professional will be able to analyse your swing, find out what clubs suit it and therefore give you a better chance of success on the course. If there's one way that any golfer could improve their game, this would definitely be it!

Where can I get my golf clubs fitted?

So where and when can you get fitted for golf clubs? There are a number of options available to you, not limited to but including:

  • Independent golf fitters
  • Golf retailers
  • High street sports shops
  • Golf clubs
  • On a demo day

As for when to get fitted for golf clubs, regular golfers should aim to get fitted at least every 5 years. However, the answer comes down to how much you play and the level you play at. 

How much does it cost?

The price you pay depends on the professional that you go to. The good news is that most golf club fitters will either offer custom fitting for free or offer a refund of any customisation charge against any purchase of new clubs.

Most professionals charge between £60 to £300 for a full bag, but some will charge a half bag (irons only) for around £50. You can even get fitting sessions on an individual basis too.

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