Top tips for lowering your golf scores

It’s every golfer’s worst nightmare when your ball trickles into a pond, or plugs in a bunker.  Golf is, ultimately, a game of numbers, and every golfer is constantly striving to improve their scores. Here we have provided our recommendations and top tips for improving your shots per round. 

Posture is key

First of all, let's look at posture. This is crucial in the game of golf - having the right balance when approaching the ball can be the difference between a good game and a bad one. 

Be emotionally invested

Be involved in every shot - emotion is a key driver in the game of golf; it’s a marathon, not a sprint. In order to improve your accuracy, you want to be all in. Don’t allow small distractions, other players or past rounds to put you off. Golf is an intricate game to master and grasping the basics can be a challenge, that’s why it’s important to try and stay level headed when things aren’t going to plan. It takes time. 


Take time between games to practise your swing, drive and method. Practise on your own and with friends at the driving range - you’ll be surprised how quickly it could improve your game in the long run. 

Identify the correct yardage

Yardage is the distance between the player's ball and the target they are aiming for. To calculate yardage, simply multiply your average 5-iron distance by 36 to get the answer. This will provide you with the ideal yardage to use. You can then determine how to play the shot.


Golf is a physical game - as a result, you’ll need to hold an athletic stance. During your swing, you use two forms of movement, and you must be in the appropriate position to do so effectively. In order to be prepared for the physical demands of the game, you should have a solid stretch routine, on and off the course. 

CBD for golfers

We recently carried out a survey in collaboration with Shot Scope and Sports Marketing Surveys, which found that, on average, golfers improved their shots per round by 1.16 over the course of the test. This represents an impressive improvement in a sport so intricately based on marginal gains. Find out more about the consumer trial and the end results here.

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