Top tips for the autumn golf season

Autumn makes a beautiful, crisp scene on the golf course, which is why golfers across the UK continue to enjoy the sport even when transitioning into the winter months. So how do you play golf in the autumn? Leaves are falling, the weather is changing, which means there will be a few challenges on the course. Here are our top tips for the autumn golf season!

Enjoy the great outdoors!

If you don't have any physical or health issues, take a walk around the golf course. It's not only terrific exercise, but it comes with a range of health benefits. Walking the golf course gets your heart rate up and helps to improve your cardiovascular health, while also keeping you warm and loose so that you’re ready for your next shot!

Layer your clothing

The autumn season delivers a wide range of weather conditions that might change quickly. You'll want to be ready so you're not caught off guard, especially if you're dressed inappropriately for the afternoon. Layering your clothing is the best solution for this time of year. Try lightweight, stretchy thermal clothing that isn’t going to restrict your swing.

Did you know? We carried out some research to determine which UK golf courses get the least amount of rain, which could come in handy during the colder seasons. 

Play shorter games more often

The number of hours you can play is limited as daylight hours decrease. Consider playing shorter games more frequently if you want to make sure you get your practise in each week. Perhaps playing 9 holes four days a week makes more sense and you’ll still get the practice time you’d normally get during the long days of summer.

Try new shots

As there are fewer people on course, you will have more time at each hole and less pressure to complete the game quickly. Try those shots you've always wanted to try, practise with new clubs, and experiment a little more. Take advantage of this opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and discover what works best for you. This is an excellent time to try out new equipment, techniques, and skills you've been putting off.

Warm up and stretch

If you aren't properly warmed up and prepared for the action, the cooler weather can have an impact on your game. Remember to spend a little more time warming up before the game, focusing on your limbs in particular. When you aren't properly warmed up, accidents can happen rapidly and golfing injuries can take a long time to heal, which would seriously delay your autumn golfing plans.

Think positive

Golf is largely mental and psychological in nature. To improve your swing, feed your subconscious mind relaxed, affirmative thoughts. You'll be able to succeed if you choose positive messages to guide you and apply solid fundamentals to your game.

However, it’s not just autumn that can pose a few challenges to a golfer, read more on how the seasons can bring new challenges to the course.

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