Study shows benefits of Darren Clarke CBD on golf performance

A world-first study carried out by the industry leader in automatic shot tracking technology, Shot Scope, and independent research business, Sports Marketing Surveys, has unequivocally confirmed the positive effects of Darren Clarke CBD oil for golfers.

The researchers provided quantitative and qualitative data, which in turn has allowed a detailed analysis of the results. The ground-breaking study focused on the way in which Darren Clarke CBD oil impacts the mental and physical aspects of golf, and how this affects golf performance. 

Shot Scope study

Shot Scope used its industry-leading golf performance tracking technology to analyse tens of thousands of shots, revealing concrete findings on the effect of Darren Clarke CBD oil on golf performance.

Shot trackers use sensors attached to grips to record every shot played on the golf course. Once rounds are completed, Shot Scope’s watches allow golfers to upload all their data online, providing further insight into their performance. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the results of Shot Scope’s findings.

Shot Scope’s data found that, on average, the 100 golfers that took part in the test improved by 1.16 shots per round over the course of the test, representing an impressive improvement in a sport so intricately based on marginal gains. 

When studying distance off the tee, data collected showed that driving distance increased 5 yards on average, from 238 yards to 243 yards, an improvement of more than 2%. 

Furthermore, Shot Scope’s ground-breaking data has shown that golfers three-putted considerably fewer thanks to the use of Darren Clarke CBD oil. On average, the golfers taking part three-putted every 19.2 holes at the end of the test compared to every 14.8 holes at the start of the test. 

These quantitative findings by Shot Scope shed light on the statistical effects of CBD oil for the very first time and prove the effectiveness of Darren Clarke CBD’s premium oils. 

Gavin Dear, Chief Commercial Officer at Shot Scope, commented: 

“It’s been incredibly interesting to be part of this ground-breaking study and to find that Darren Clarke CBD oils have a genuinely positive effect on golf performance has been eye-opening.”

“It’s great to be able to use our technology for a study like this one, and we’re pleased to have been able to offer in-depth and accurate analysis to Darren Clarke CBD.”

Find out more about Shot Scope here.

Sports Marketing Surveys data

Independent sports research business, Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS), also completed a qualitative study into the effects of Darren Clarke CBD oil. Sports Marketing Surveys specialise in collating qualitative data that provides actionable findings that inform specific, evidence-based decision making. With this in mind, let’s dive into their findings around Darren Clarke CBD oil. 

SMS reported that 79% of participants found that existing injuries were improved or positively affected during the trial, while 77% of participants saw an improvement in their sleep quality, mentality on course, or their recovery between rounds. What’s more, 75% of testers who had struggled with injury problems reported that they had subsided.

Richard Payne, Director at Sports Marketing Surveys, said: 

“It has been an educational experience to be part of this study alongside Darren Clarke CBD and Shot Scope, and to see that it has been fruitful in proving the positive effects of CBD on both golf performance and golfers’ recovery is brilliant.”

“These results prove the high-performance levels of Darren Clarke CBD, and I believe this will blow the door wide open for a deeper discussion on the use of CBD for golf.”

CBD products for golfers

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