The role that emotions play in golf

When we watch champion golfers taking their turn out on the course, it’s very easy to believe they are emotionally stable, poised, thinking about nothing but the game and with their eyes on the prize. This is not to say they aren’t feeling the pressure, or experiencing the heights and depths of emotions that can sabotage play. As in any sport, anxiety, low self-esteem and frustration can take a toll on your performance and overall wellbeing. With that in mind, it’s important to address your emotions before heading onto the course. 

How do I control my emotions during golf? 

Anger and frustration usually stem from having too high expectations of yourself. One of the most common mental mistakes you can make is to let yourself be pulled into thinking predominantly about outcome instead of process. Unless you are a golfer who is extremely confident and at peak performance, outcome thoughts can incite tension and emotion. You can replace these thoughts with positive and more ‘in the moment’ ones, focusing on the progress of your golfing journey and the best ways to move forward.

Manage pain and fatigue effectively 

Pain and fatigue can increase irritability, reduce patience and increase negative emotions during competition. Playing with pain or fatigue is a common occurrence among professional sports tournaments but is never advisable. By setting a scheduled timetable of practice days paired with plenty of time for rest and recuperation, your game is much less likely to be affected by pain and fatigue which in turn could banish many negative emotions. 

Let go of what you cannot control

Unfortunately, you cannot control a lot of issues which may determine the outcome of your play or practice. You cannot control the weather, bad bounces, poor conditions, pairings, tee times, what other players do, or luck, etc. What you do have a choice about is how you view these elements of play and these choices can promote emotional stability over time. 

A growth mindset

Positive emotions can play a huge role in how you play a round of golf. Each time you play, think calmly about what areas need improvement while also celebrating the areas of play you have excelled in. Together, these thoughts can create a motivated yet positive and healthy mindset. This endless pursuit is one of the greatest joys of golf. At the end of the day, you’re in an ongoing healthy competition with yourself, trying to do just a bit better than the last time you played.

How can CBD help with your emotional stability in golf?

CBD’s influence on serotonin 

Our CBD oil for golfers offers many benefits and could distinctly improve your golfing performance. One of the most popular uses of our flavoured CBD oil is to reduce nerves and anxiety, while creating a calmer state of mind ahead of play. One of the core issues at the heart of anxiety is low serotonin, a neurotransmitter related to mood and wellbeing. CBD oil is said to activate the serotonin receptor in your brain which could improve the way in which your body utilises the happy hormone. 

Recovery from injury 

As an avid golfer, injuries and pain can have a negative impact on your mental health. With its natural anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is said to enable faster recovery and support physical therapy and rehabilitation.

In a recent interview, Darren Clarke, the man himself, said: “Launching Darren Clarke CBD was a no-brainer. The most notable benefits of CBD are recovery, something that a lot of people can often struggle with. Muscle aches and joint pains between rounds will be significantly reduced, which, as a pro golfer playing three or four round tournaments, is a huge benefit.”

Reap all the benefits by discovering our range of CBD oil for golfers. Alternatively, you can read more about why Darren Clarke began his venture into CBD oil

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