Which natural supplements improve golf performance?

Natural supplements for golf performance can have huge benefits on and off the course. Keeping your body and mind in good condition is so important for your performance and overall health, and there are many vitamins and nutrients that offer a variety of physical and mental benefits.

Knowing what your body needs to perform at its best and how to get it is essential, especially as health and wellness becomes more prevalent in golf. Here we have listed the best supplements you can take to improve your technique and focus on the game.


An important mineral for bone and joint health is calcium. It aids in the formation of bones and the maintenance of those bones as you age. A calcium supplement may be beneficial if you have joint discomfort, particularly knee pain. You can source calcium by adding a few vegetables to your diet, such as broccoli, kale and cabbage. Dairy products are also calcium rich, but are high in calories so should be eaten in moderation.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D goes hand in hand with calcium - using one without the other will lessen the effects of both supplements. If you have joint pain, you may be deficient in vitamin D. Joint discomfort is a typical indication of a vitamin deficiency among golfers. Vitamin D is required for a variety of biological functions, including calcium absorption, which will contribute to stronger bones and joints. When making a golf swing, three primary joints are put under stress - the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Vitamin D supports the health and maintenance of these joints used in golfing.

Fish Oils

Fish oil is extremely beneficial to physical health. It's one of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which acts as a foundation for proteins that your body uses to make new, healthy cells for your muscles, joints, and overall health. Fish oil capsules will help you increase your strength so you can drive the ball even further  and protect your joints so they aren't as stiff after a round of golf.

Amino Acids

Aside from preserving your physical health and fitness and reducing pain, the mental side of the game is also key to your golfing success. It's crucial to be able to focus while lining up a putt or hitting a drive down the 18th fairway. Many professional golfers take amino acids as a supplement, but you can also find it in foods like quinoa, eggs, beans and legumes.


Athletes, particularly golfers, can benefit from CBD. It's a new supplement that’s rapidly gaining popularity and can provide many benefits when regularly included in your daily routine. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, so it could help you play with less pain in your joints, muscles, and ligaments. It could also boost brain blood flow, allowing you to focus and concentrate better on your game. It's also high in fatty acids, just like fish oil, so you could gain muscle and keep your joints healthy.

CBD can be taken as oil from a pipette that you use to determine the dose. It can also be taken in the form of gummies, in capsules and topically as a muscle rub. At Darren Clarke CBD, our CBD oil for golfers comes in a variety of delicious flavours. You can find out more about the physical and mental benefits CBD can have on your golfing performance, or why not read our other blog posts including the physical challenges of golf and the role that emotions play during the game.

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