How to reduce your chances of 3-putting

Nothing is more aggravating on the golf course than three-putting. It's so frustrating to have a putt for birdie but to end up walking off the green with a bogey after hitting the green in regulation.

Good pace control, continuous distance control, the ability to read lines properly, and the ability to hit short putts are the four essential factors to avoiding three putting. 

Here are our expert tips on how to reduce your three putting. 

Putting from 30 feet

The further away you are from the hole, the more likely the putt may break, and the more difficult it will be to judge the putt's pace appropriately. That's why it's necessary to keep in mind your time reading the green, since what you see will affect how hard you hit the putt and how quickly the ball travels. In other words, it has a direct impact on your distance management, which is crucial for getting the ball close. Even if your aim is 2 or 3 feet off, if your speed is spot-on, you'll have a reasonably simple second putt.

On putts of 30 feet and more, it's also vital to measure the true distance of the putt. On the course, this is a regular procedure you would undertake. Spend a bit more time practising stepping off the putt's distance to improve your ability to recognise the distance on the course. It will be easier to calibrate a given length stroke to that length when you have a mental note comprising 30-, 35-, and 40-foot putts in your memory.

Putting from 3 feet

It's relatively easy to get the speed accurate from 3 feet, which is why the aim and starting line should be the primary focus for short putts. You have a good probability of making any putt within 5 feet if you set where you want and start the putt in the direction you want. A short putt may have some break, but you may typically be bold with the speed as long as your aim and initial beginning direction are good. 

Place two clubs on the ground to construct a track a little wider than the width of your putter head, to practise both your aim and starting direction. The heads of both clubs should form a path leading into the hole. Place a ball between the two shafts, towards the grip end of both clubs, and hit the ball with the putter head relatively centred between the two shafts. If the head collides with either shaft, the face has gone off-kilter. Keep swinging inside the track and strike it with a square face to get it started on the intended line.

Reducing 3 putting with CBD oil for golfers

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