The importance of posture in golf and how CBD could help

Posture is an important aspect of golf, yet it is sometimes overlooked. It helps direct a player’s golf swing and assists the body in turning correctly, all while promoting good balance. With so many positives to good posture, it should be at the top of the list of any golfer's progression plan. 

Ideally, if you stand tall, your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should all sit in one straight line from your ears. However, many of us spend a lot of time sitting down, and not enough time stretching, which puts our spines and hips through tremendous stress. Unfortunately, as we age, getting used to a new golf stance can be difficult and it can take time, especially if you have been playing for years. A regular exercise programme that works on flexibility and stability can be extremely helpful and it can be worth investing the extra time and effort to reduce back pain and chance of injury.

Around 33% of amateur golfers have what’s known as a “C” posture, where the back is rounded. A further 25% have what’s known as a “S” posture which signals too much spinal curve. Both these things can affect a golfer’s swing and can cause too much strain on the spine. 

Golf posture tips

Every player, regardless of skill level, can learn a good setup, which is a vital step in playing higher quality golf. If you step up to the tee with a flawed stance, you’re much more likely to be let down by a flawed swing. 

  1. Golf is an athletic sport, so we need to set up in an athletic position. You use two types of movement during your swing, and you need to be in the right position to do so. Your knees should be bent slightly, so that the upper body can lean forward from the hips. Ideally, you should be able to draw a straight line from the back of the right shoulder, to the front part of the knee and extend to the balls of the feet.

  2. You can teach yourself good posture by using three simple steps. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and stand as straight as possible while extending your arms and club out in front of you. Moderately bend your knees and let your arms drop down until both are resting lightly on your chest. Lastly, gently begin to bend forward from your top half, until your club lands on the ground. From here, you should be in a perfect set up position.

  3. Next you can focus on achieving a neutral spine angle.The most effective way to do this is to practice at both ends of the scale. Start by taking your golf stance and hunching your back. To find the opposite end of the scale, stand up tall and arch your back as much as possible. Keep your chin away from your chest, as if you are looking up to the sky - you should feel a fair amount of tilt in your hips. It’s key to practice both ends of the scale because you can find a middle ground and therefore a golf posture that is a happy medium between the two.

  4. Find a position that is right for you and your body. Physical ailments may affect your posture, so there is nothing wrong with adjusting your set up to reflect what makes your body feel comfortable. 

Darren Clarke CBD oil for golf

Our CBD oils are a great way to focus and help improve your golf posture. CBD oil has been seen to help you to relax, improve your concentration and steady your emotions, which in turn can help you make clearer decisions during your game. Reduced anxiety will also help you take the time to get your posture right. Furthermore, a relaxed mind will relax your movements, and you’ll be in the perfect headspace to begin a round of golf. By combining CBD oil with ongoing core muscle strengthening exercises, you could see an improvement in your golf posture over time. 

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