6 fitness trends that could improve your golf game

With the new golf season starting soon, it's important to make sure that you're ready. Regular exercise and good nutrition are some of the best ways to give your health and fitness a much-needed boost before you get back out on course.

We all know there are a lot of popular fitness trends out there; from strength training and recovery tools to plant-based diets and CBD oils. But with so many up-and-coming fitness trends becoming more popular by the day, how do you know if any of them are actually going to help you improve your golf game?

We've put together six of the biggest health trends and fitness trends for you to implement to change the way you play. Add these trends into your routine before you head back out onto the golf course and you'll improve your golf game in no time!

Here are some popular fitness trends that'll help you with your golf game:

Looking to give your golf game a much-needed boost? Try one of the following popular fitness trends below:

1. Strength training

Believe it or not, in the past there was a myth that strength training with free weights was actually bad for golfers! However, modern research has shown that weight training helps golfers to not only improve their overall strength but it can also:

  • Get you more distance on your drives and iron shots
  • Help you develop a stronger and faster swing
  • Improve your performance accuracy on the green
  • Improve and maintain flexibility
  • Reduce the chance of you picking up a golf-related injury

2. Recovery tools

As home workouts became the norm, people have become savvier when it comes to post-workout recovery. Golf is a physically demanding game, and without proper recovery, you could find yourself picking up a nasty injury.

Recovery products, such as foam rollers and massage guns, are fast becoming one of the biggest golf fitness trends. These can help you to soothe sore or tight muscles, improve your body's circulation, and even make you feel more relaxed post-game.

3. CBD oils and products

One of the biggest health trends for golfers and sportsmen right now is CBD oils and CBD gummies. CBD is believed to help golfers recover from injuries like sprains, strains, Achilles tendon injuries by reducing inflammation and pain. But it's not just physical pain it can help with, there are plenty of mental benefits that CBD gives too.

We conducted a recent study that found that participants who used our Darren Clarke CBD Oil for golfers saw an improvement in their sleep quality, mentality on course, and their recovery between rounds. The study also suggested that CBD oils can help you to improve your concentration, something which is very important when you're out on the green!

4. Plant-based diets

You might be wondering how cutting out meat, fish and dairy from your diet can help you to improve your golf game - and you wouldn't be the first. But with so many athletes taking up a plant-based diet (including many PGA pros like Cameron Tringale and Adam Scott), it's understandable that we're becoming more curious about this growing health trend.

A recent review showed that by following a plant-based diet, athletes can improve both their cardiovascular health and recovery time. Many athletes who eat plant-based have also said that they are consistently more energised and perform to a higher personal level.

5. HIIT Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of workout that has been shown to reduce fat, increase cardiovascular capacity while increasing speed and power.

For golfers, HIIT helps you with your cardio fitness (which is great for your heart!), but it can also enhance your ability to fire more fast-twitch muscle fibres in your golf swing. The most powerful golfers use more of these fast-twitch muscle fibres than the average player, and it can make all the difference in improving the way you perform on the green.

6. Vitamin and mineral supplements

For golfers, taking supplements may be a popular fitness trend, but they can make a difference in your health as well as your golf game.

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that are vital to the function of your body. Without them, our bodies wouldn't be able to perform important repairs and maintenance on our muscles, bones and more. For golfers and athletes, vitamins and minerals are vital when it comes to recovery and preventing injury.

Our Darren Clarke CBD gummies are packed with important vitamins and minerals that golfers need to boost their performance on the green!

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