The factors that impact your driving distance

While driving distance is an important element of golf performance, there are many factors that can influence this part of your game. The question is, how do you know where to begin to start making improvements to your driving distance?

For most golfers, it begins with being aware of how far you can carry your clubs. This can significantly lower your scores by assisting you in making more informed selections during each round.

You should aim to produce the greatest possible ball speed (measured in distance) while maintaining the appropriate flight pattern (measured in accuracy). In addition to this, there are a number of technical processes that impact your overall driving distance, which we have listed below. Read on to discover how perfecting each of these factors can provide you with better balance, drive, and ultimately improve your score.   

Clubface alignment

Clubface alignment is the single most important component influencing start direction in the golf swing, both at set up and at impact. If an iron is struck centrally but the clubface is open or closed at contact, it can influence the initial start direction by 75% with an iron and 85% with a driver.

Club path

This is the angle at which the clubhead is travelling in relation to the target line. Club path is strongly related to clubface alignment and impact position, and has a large impact on what the ball flight (draw or fade) will be and which direction it will fly in. 

For example, assuming a centred strike, your club path would be inward whilst the angle of your face would be square to your target line. The majority of golfers can struggle with their club path, however, this is critical in determining which shot shapes you can and cannot hit, as well as understanding the influence that adjusting club path can have on ball flight and direction.

Clubhead speed

The speed with which you swing is one of the most important aspects in determining how far the ball will fly. Equipment and age will both play a role in this - the older you become, the slower your swing becomes, and if you have a club that is too heavy for you, you won't be able to swing it to its full potential, resulting in less distance than planned. Technology has aided in preventing this, as equipment has become lighter, allowing you to swing faster. 

Angle of attack

This indicates how shallow or steep your clubhead is at impact. When using an iron, it should be on a descending angle, whilst the driver should be facing an ascending angle. A poor attack angle can affect smash factor, strike, launch angle, spin, and eventually distance, so knowing if you're hitting at the appropriate angle and with the right clubs is crucial.

When playing in wet or challenging conditions, remember that if you produce a rising angle, you will strike a lot of ground and very little ball, resulting in the ball not travelling very far.

Impact location

The direction the clubhead is pointing gets knocked when you strike the ball off-centre, resulting in a poor start line. Because an off-centre shot might result in more or less loft being presented at impact, the dynamic loft is also altered. However, when the ball is struck correctly, you will get a genuine reflection of the ball flight and distance merited by your swing speed and ball speed, known as smash factor.

CBD products for golfers

A recent survey conducted by the team here at Darren Clarke CBD in collaboration with Shot Scope and Sports Marketing Surveys found that, after a trial of our CBD oil products, driving distance increased 5 yards on average, from 238 yards to 243 yards, which totals to an improvement of more than 2%. You can read about the full set of results from the study, here.

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Why can I only drive 200 yards?

Poor technique, a quick swing, a lack of knowledge, and a lack of practice are the key reasons why a golfer may not be able to surpass 200 yards with their drive.  

How can a senior driver get more distance?

The ability to generate more turn or rotation in the swing is one technique for senior golfers to improve their distance with the driver, but this can be challenging for older players.  

Does a good driver add distance?

A longer driver shaft allows you to swing the club faster, potentially increasing distance. A new golf driver can significantly improve your game - if you have an older driver, it's likely that your drive may benefit from an equipment upgrade.