Darren Clarke CBD launches vegan CBD gummies for golf

Introducing the latest product in our CBD for golfers collection, orange and strawberry flavour CBD gummies. Made from 100% natural ingredients and suitable for vegans, these CBD gummy bears are ideal to take with you onto the course as they are easily transported with the rest of your golfing equipment. If you’re new to CBD for golf and you're not sure if it’s right for you, read below to find out more about how our vegan CBD gummies could improve your golfing experience.

Darren Clarke CBD Gummies

The benefits of CBD gummies

Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, which is the main ingredient that could have both physical and mental benefits on and off the course. Chewing a gummy up to an hour before teeing off could aid your muscle recovery while you play and could have a calm and relaxing effect on your mental health and emotions. 

The gummies are also enriched with 5HTP (a naturally-occurring amino acid which aids with serotonin production), 10 vitamins and 2 minerals for that much needed boost for a day on the golf course.

Our gummies are the perfect introduction to CBD to those who are unsure about using CBD oil, as they have a lower dosage which is more easily controlled and administered in gummy form. 

There are many other benefits of CBD for golf, including improved sleep quality and improved concentration, all of which are extremely important for those wanting to improve their golfing skills and have a more enjoyable time on the course.

Darren Clarke CBD Gummies

CBD gummies vs CBD oil

As CBD oil and CBD gummies are consumed in different ways, they deliver differing types of experience. CBD gummies can only be used in one way: by eating them. With CBD gummies, you can enjoy a tasty treat while acquiring your chosen dose of CBD.

CBD oil is a more adaptable form of CBD, thus it can provide a variety of experiences. To use CBD oil on its own, simply place your preferred dose of CBD oil in your mouth, as you would when taking a liquid supplement. You could also use oil to incorporate CBD into a variety of foods or drinks. You may, for example, put CBD oil in your cup of tea or coffee.

Gummies are a much better option for on-the-go and they taste a lot better than the natural flavour of CBD. Our orange and strawberry flavours make it a much more appetising treat for the tastebuds - that being said, our precision orange and forest fruits CBD oils are superb. 

Although there are some variations between CBD oil and CBD gummies, we believe that both of these products are effective ways to utilise CBD. If you're still undecided about whether an oil or a gummy is best for you, try both and discover which you like. The best approach to figure out which CBD product will work for your golfing activity, tastes, and intended results is to try it out.

FAQs for CBD gummies

What are the main benefits of CBD gummies?

CBD could have an effect on your mood, stress, and muscle recovery. You could maintain a positive mentality, deal with any event on the course, and focus more on your game performance.

What is the best method of ingestion for CBD?

This is purely a matter of personal choice, however, all of our products are made to be simple to use at home and on the golf course. It all comes down to your preference and how much CBD you feel comfortable taking. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) is no more than 70mg a day.

How much CBD is present in the gummies?

There are 10mg of CBD per gummy, and 300mg per pack.

Find out more about why Darren Clarke champions CBD for golf and read our blog to stay up to date with the latest news and how CBD could improve your golf performance. 

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