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Everything you need to know about sports performance anxiety

What does performance anxiety feel like, and what actually causes it? We've put together everything you need to know about sports performance anxiety, here.

6 fitness trends that could improve your golf game

We've put together 6 of the most popular fitness trends for golfers to implement that can change the way they play out on the course. Read the full guide here!

What happens at a golf club fitting?

Whether you've booked a fitting already, or are simply considering it, we've put together a handy guide on what exactly is involved in a golf club fitting!

A deep dive into the vitamins and minerals found in our gummies

Our CBD gummies for golf have plenty of vitamins and minerals golfers need to boost their performance on the course! See why by reading our latest blog post.

10 exercises to help you prepare for the golf season

We’re getting ready for a new golf season and so should you! Visit our guide to discover some of the top exercises to get ready for the upcoming golf season.

Is golf good for your brain?
We take a look at the mental benefits of playing golf and ask the question: Is golf good for your brain? Find out more here.
The must-visit golf courses for 2022

The UK has some of the best golf courses in the world. Darren Clarke CBD has listed their top picks for visiting in 2022. Find our recommendations here.

Our guide to winter golf
We’ve put together an expert guide of how to practise golf in winter and why you shouldn’t wait until spring.
New Year’s resolutions for golfers
Looking for some golfing new year’s resolutions? We have plenty of resolutions that you’ll want to keep all year! Read here to find out more.
How to reduce your chances of 3-putting

How do you get rid of 3 putts? A constant question that golfers ask that we’re able to answer! Read here for advice on how to stop three-putting.

Top tips for lowering your golf scores
We all know the importance of accuracy in golf - that’s why this guide aims to provide you with the best tips that could help you improve your shots per round.
The factors that impact your driving distance

Ever wondered how to increase your driving distance in golf? Read our guide to the factors that impact your driving distance and find tips to help you improve.

A golfing Christmas gift guide: What to buy an avid golfer this Christmas

Looking for Christmas gifts for golf lovers? Take a look at some of our recommendations for golf Christmas gifts to spoil your loved ones this year.

What effect does sleep have on your golf game?

Does lack of sleep affect golf performance? Find out how you can sleep better and improve your golfing game with CBD for golfers - read our blog post here.

How could CBD oil assist with existing golf injuries?

Discover how CBD for sports injuries could improve your game and potentially improve the impact of golfing injuries. Read our latest blog for more on this.

Study shows benefits of Darren Clarke CBD on golf performance

Darren Clarke CBD has collated quantitative & qualitative data on the effects of CBD on golf performance, and the results are ground-breaking. Read more here.

Darren Clarke CBD launches vegan CBD gummies for golf
Read about our new vegan CBD gummies, which we’ve added to our growing collection of CBD for golfers. Find out more about CBD gummies and their benefits here.
Top tips for the autumn golf season

Continuing to play golf in the autumn shouldn’t be a worry - embrace the seasonal changes and read our reasons why autumn golf is great! Find out more, here.

Darren Clarke and the Ryder Cup

Look back at Darren Clarke’s time in the Ryder Cup competition, and read an exclusive interview with the man himself in the run up to the Ryder Cup 2021.

How golf challenges change throughout the seasons
What is the most common complaint among golfers? Seasonal changes and weather challenges can impact a round of golf - read more about these challenges here.
How is CBD oil made?
CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular on the golfing scene, but have you ever wondered how CBD oil is made? Find out how, here, how our CBD oil is produced.