High-Quality CBD Oil Supplements Designed for Golfers.

Improve your performance, speed up recovery, reduce anxiety and sharpen your decision-making on the tee.


Darren Clarke CBD exists to provide science-backed Golfer’s CBD products to adult players at all levels. At the frontier of plant-based wellness, our range of CBD oils stand proudly as end products of extensive research and development. Lab-tested and extracted from pure CBD isolate, we are extremely proud of the Darren Clarke CBD range. Golf has always been deserving of our time and energy, but until now, we’ve never been able to harness that energy or utilise that time.


Why Choose Darren Clark Golf CBD?

• Natural Ingredients
• Non GMO
• THC Free
• Lab Tested
• 100% Vegan
• Gluten Free

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CBD for Golf: The Perfect Solution for a Boost on Game-Day

Shot Scope and Sports Marketing Surveys conducted a world-first study to determine the benefits of Darren Clarke Golfer’s CBD.

Shot Scope analysed tens of thousands of shots, revealing concrete findings on the effect of Darren Clarke CBD on golf performance.

As a result of Shot Scope's testing, the 100 golfers who took part improved by 1.16 shots per round over the course of the test, which represents an impressive improvement in a sport where marginal gains can make such a big difference.



Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD. Chewing a gummy up to an hour before teeing off could aid your muscle recovery while you play and could have a calm and relaxing effect on your mental health and emotions. 

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"I’ve always looked to find marginal gains when it comes to my golf, and I’m always searching for ways to improve my personal wellness. The Darren Clarke CBD oil will hopefully help golfers of all levels to get better state of mind; to remain calm under pressure and keep the focus on the game ahead. I can’t wait to share these products with the golfing community.’’

-Darren Clarke


Golf CBD Oil: Is it for me?

We’re firm believers that whether you’re struggling with golfer anxiety or just looking to imrpove your game, Golfer’s CBD will help you.

Is CBD Good for Golf? 

CBD has a lot of positive impacts in our lives generally. It can be used to improve your mood and motor function while also having stress relieving properties. 

While most of us golf for stress relief, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll experience some stress and anxiety when it comes to your golfing. You might also experience some issues like golfers elbow.

We believe that CBD is an effective way to manage stress over time and ensure you’re on top of your golf game. Whether you’re using CBD to deal with golf anxiety or manage any pain that’s coming between your and your best golfing, CBD will enable you to perform in the best state of mind for golfing.

Should I try CBD for Golf? 

We believe in the benefits of CBD oil for professional golf players, or anyone that enjoys a game of golf but struggles with anxiety or pain while playing. The benefits of golf CBD include:

Relaxation: reduce the anxiety that prevents you from performing at your best, stay relaxed and enable sharper concentration on your game
Focus: help your mind stay focused on golfing, stay patient and positive even in the longest rounds
Performance: improve your performance by reducing stress, so you can make your best shots even under pressure
Relief: reduce joint inflammation over time and manage conditions like golfer’s elbow that could come between you and your golfing.

If you struggle with any of these problem areas, then golf CBD is exactly what you need to improve your golfing performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound derived from the hemp plant and its cousin plant marijuana. CBD, however, is not to be mistaken for THC, a related compound of the marijuana plant and one which forms the psychoactive element that induces feelings of intoxication. CBD is legal in the UK and, when extracted into oil form, it can be used to treat a variety of ailments without feelings of intoxication.

CBD can positively affect mood, motor function and stress response, meaning you can focus more on your golf game. 

CBD products are safe to use as long as you purchase them from reputable, certified UK CBD oil suppliers of CBD products, like us. 

CBD oil has been confirmed by a World Health Organisation report as “generally well-toleratred with a good safety profile. Reported adverse effects may be as a result of drud interaction between CBD and patient’s existing medications.” For that we reason we strongly recommend speaking to your doctor before you take CBD, particularly if you’re on existing medications.

Controlled human studies have not found any potential for physical dependence, withdrawal or tolerance.  As our CBD products have no THC content, there’s no reason why CBD oil should be addictive when used responsibly.

Because CBD oil could positively influence how we respond to stress, some golfers have found it a revelation not just for their game but also for the betterment of their lifestyle. 

Some of the benefits of CBD oil include pain relief, the reduction of anxiety, and improvement of sleep. 

Those are some great benefits to using CBD oil generally, but there are some great golf specific benefits for CBD oil. Have you ever had an injury that prevented you from getting out on the tee? Or has anxiety made it difficult to find your way out of a sandbank? Perhaps lack of sleep has affected your concentration? Golf tests your nerve as well as your emotional response, both of which CBD oil can help with.


As a reputable UK CBD oil supplier, we ensure none of our CBD products contain THC so they won’t impact your reaction time or get you high. So it’s perfectly safe to use while golfing. 

You wouldn’t be disqualified from golfing competitions if you use CBD oil. CBD oil is legal for both professional and amateur golfers in the UK, over the age of 18. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced the approval of the use of cannabidiol, better known as CBD in 2018. CBD in oil (spray and tincture) and cream was removed from the list of banned substances on its website worldwide. 

Drug tests will look for THC, which is not present in our high-quality CBD products. That means you would absolutely pass a drug test if you use our CBD products.

The effects of CBD oil will vary from person to person. There are a number of factors, like how you take your CBD oil and your weight that will determine how much you need to take. 

Start with a low dosage and use our easy-to-follow instructions on our packaging to understand the correct dosage for you.

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