A collection of science-backed CBD oils for the dedicated golfer who wants to up their game. Darren Clarke CBD is the professional CBD oil brand, using cutting edge innovation for precision.

Whether you’re one putt away from your personal best or you’re stuck in the rough, decision-making is part and parcel of modern golf. This is affected by any number of variables, from sleep quality to anxiety and fatigue. CBD oil can positively impact all areas of your game, from increasing your recovery time after an injury to allowing you to stay calm in difficult situations. So much of our game is played between the ears; get that right and the rest will follow. 

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Darren Clarke and the Ryder Cup

Look back at Darren Clarke’s time in the Ryder Cup competition, and read an exclusive interview with the man himself in the run up to the Ryder Cup 2021.

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How golf challenges change throughout the seasons
What is the most common complaint among golfers? Seasonal changes and weather challenges can impact a round of golf - read more about these challenges here.
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How is CBD oil made?
CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular on the golfing scene, but have you ever wondered how CBD oil is made? Find out how, here, how our CBD oil is produced.
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